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If you eat, sleep, and breathe sports, then you might be considering a career in your favourite field. Right off the bat, most people think, “Great – I’m going to be a professional golfer or a football star.” And while those professions are undoubtedly exciting, they can be difficult to attain. Luckily, they aren’t the only options out there. In fact, careers in sport are just as diverse as the games themselves, with options that include administration, sports science, journalism, and more. So let’s explore some exciting sports-related career paths you might like to consider.

Sports Journalist

If you have a passion for both sports and writing, sports journalism might be right up your alley. As a sports journalist, you could cover everything from local competitions to professional sports. Plus, you can choose from many different mediums, including print, television, radio, or digital platforms.

Sports Agent

If you’re a savvy negotiator and enjoy managing relationships, consider becoming a sports agent. An agent’s role is to represent the interests of athletes, assist with contract negotiations, and offer career advice.

Sports Psychologist

If you love understanding the human mind and how it affects performance, a career in sports psychology could be for you. In this field, you’ll work on improving athletes’ mental health and helping them hone their focus, dealing with performance anxiety, and even overseeing their recovery from injury.


Do you have a deep understanding of your sport and enjoy teaching others? Coaching is a fantastic route. As a coach, you could work with athletes of all ages. Your responsibilities would extend far beyond the playing field, to mentoring and guiding athletes toward their goals, both on and off the field.

Fitness and Nutrition Advisor

With an interest in sports, you’re likely familiar with the importance of proper diet and exercise for optimal performance. As a fitness and nutrition advisor, you’d have the opportunity to guide and instruct athletes on how to maintain a balanced diet and perform exercises that would cater to their specific sports.

Sports Physician or Physiotherapist

Do you have an interest in medicine? Combining that with a love for sports could lead down a rewarding path. Sports physicians and physiotherapists work to treat and prevent injuries in athletes and assist them in their recovery process.

Sports Event Planner

Behind every major sports event lies a team of experts ensuring the program runs smoothly. As a sports event planner, you would coordinate the logistics and manage event operations – a great choice for those with strong organisational skills and attention to detail.

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Even if you don’t make your career on the playing field, there are still so many ways to carry your passion for sports into your professional life. Using a blend of your passion for sports, your knowledge, and your skills, the possibilities are just about endless.

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