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Inspiring scholarship stories

Scholarships can provide a valuable pathway to success for many people. We believe that success stories deserve to be celebrated, as they not only highlight the incredible achievements of students, but also showcase just how much a scholarship could change your life. Join us as we look at some inspiring scholarship stories of real people – it might convince you to go out and apply for one yourself.

Pursuing a passion for justice

Thanks to ANU’s Tuckwell Scholarship, Jonathan Tjandra was able to follow his dream of becoming a lawyer. After his family emigrated from Indonesia to Australia to escape conflict, he wanted to study law to ensure that he could protect others still suffering from discriminatory laws.

“My parents gave up everything they had in Indonesia and moved to Perth so that my sister and I could have a better life here in Australia.

“[Becoming a Tuckwell Scholar] was one of the defining moments in my life because, all of a sudden, I could afford to go to ANU to study. All these opportunities opened up and I could finally take a few more steps to progress the passion I have for law.”

Jonathan Tjandra, ANU Tuckwell Scholar

Jonathan studied a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Hons I) and a Juris Doctor at ANU, and is now continuing his studies in Oxford University in the UK.

Read Jonathan’s story here.

Inspiring Indigenous doctors

Joan Cassimatis graduated as the top performing medical student of 2022 – and was helped to study by Bond’s First Nations Medical Scholarship and Nyombil Indigenous Support Centre.

“The Nyombil Centre is such a supportive and nurturing environment, particularly in those first couple of years of my studies, having access to tutors and making friends through the centre was a big help.

“And of course that then led into me getting the scholarship – everyone at the centre was amazing throughout my time at Bond and I know they have a very strong network across all the degrees.

“That was a highlight for me from my time at Bond and of course it allowed me to study at Bond through the scholarship, which I would otherwise not have been able to do.”

Dr Joan Cassimatis, former Bond University medical student

Dr Cassimatis went on to complete an internship at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH), and has since gone on to have her research published in an international medical journal.

Real Joan’s story here.

Rural students soar

Chelsea Stevenson lives in the Gwydir region of NSW, which like many rural areas in Australia, has limited internet coverage. Because of this, she needs to regularly drive 50km to the nearest library to submit her uni assessments. With the cost of fuel going up and up, it was becoming an expensive endeavour. Thankfully, a grant from the Country Education Foundation gave her the support she needed to keep going.

“With CEF helping me to cover some of the costs I feel as though there is one less weight upon my shoulders, and completing my degree actually feels possible.”

Chelsea Stevenson, UNE student and CEF grant recipient

Chelsea is now in the final year of her agriculture degree and is looking forward to graduation.

Read Chelsea’s story here.

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