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Insights from the Beauty Industry

The Beauty Industry is an exciting, rapidly growing space that could offer a range of roles that’ll keep you on your feet and allow you to help people feel amazing. You’ll see people at their best and become a trusted advisor to your clients.

Beauty is a booming industry that’s already generated AU $8.47bn in 2022 and employs over 120,700 workers industry-wide in Australia. It’s also projected to grow annually by over 3.5% (Source: Statista). In particular, strong growth for Beauty Therapists is expected to continue, with employment levels in Australia projected to reach around 50,700 by 2024 (AISC).

The industry is now regulated and you’ll need a qualification or training to be able to perform:

  • Massage
  • Facials and facial peels
  • Make-up services
  • Nail care
  • Hair removal (including laser hair removal)
  • Cosmetic tattooing and piercing
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Spa therapies.


SWG: Thanks for having a chat with us today, can you tell us what a career in the beauty industry typically looks like?

Anna: Working in the beauty industry is both fulfilling and enriching. Clients will come to you for treatments and advice to help them feel like their best selves. It is incredible to be part of a client’s transformation, physically or emotionally, once they enter your spa, clinic or salon.

As a therapist, you have the opportunity to make positive changes and impacts on the clients you treat while getting to meet interesting people in a job that challenges you.


SWG: What skills do you need in order thrive as a Beauty Therapist? 

Anna: The willingness to learn and grow and, of course, a passion for Beauty and helping people feel like their best selves. Having a sense of compassion and wanting to learn will allow you to become a confident and caring practitioner.

Connecting with clients is an essential part of being a Beauty Therapist. If you’re not already great at talking to people, consultation and care are skills that can be evolved when studying, with work experience and student-spa days.


SWG: Could you please explain some of the duties a Beauty Therapist might carry out on any given day?

Anna: As a Beauty Therapist, you are trained in various modalities, from performing relaxation to aromatherapy and hot stone massage. You could also perform traditional and specialised facials, hair removal, tinting treatments and eyelash extensions, and hand and foot treatments, such as reflexology and deluxe mani-pedi care.

You’ll be trained to use different devices and technologies to deliver treatments such as advanced facials, hydro-microdermabrasion, led light therapy treatment, chemical peels and laser genesis.


SWG: What are some of the highs and lows of working in the Beauty Industry?

Anna: Every day is different when working as a Beauty Therapist. There are often new and exciting products and services to learn about! It’s an industry with many options and pathways to specialise in, so you’ll always have the opportunity to learn and expand your skill set. No one is perfect straight away, and Beauty can be pretty complex, but time and practice can help you learn.


SWG: What are the working conditions like for a Beauty Therapist?

Anna: Once qualified, there are many flexible employment opportunities in the Beauty, Health & Wellness industry, including part-time work and running your salon from home. You can choose from a salon or spa environment; you can always go into further studies, such as dermal therapies and work in skin clinics.


SWG: Is it a competitive industry to get into?

Anna: The beauty industry is growing, so many job opportunities are available. Most employers prefer to hire someone with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, which will make you a more competitive candidate.

You could find a job whilst studying, gain work experience and start your training (you will be limited to performing specific treatments and duties based on what you have already completed during your studies).


SWG: What career prospects and opportunities exist for Beauty Therapists?

Anna: Training in Beauty Therapy provides opportunities to work in salons or spas, and you could then choose to specialise in specific modalities.

Students can go on to study Salon Management, with career opportunities such as spa owner or become a BDM (Business Development Manager.

They can also go on to study Training and Assessment, with career opportunities including Spa owner, educator/trainer, product manager or beauty college teacher.

There is also the opportunity to upgrade their qualification to an international Diploma or study Dermal Therapies. Further study and training could even see you embark upon a career within a skin clinic.

By incorporating training in Remedial Massage, you could get the chance to work in a broader range of fields, including private practices, wellness resorts, sporting organisations, and salons or spas. Therapists who study Remedial Massage also have the option to study Myotherapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.


SWG: At endota Wellness College, what are the study options available?

Anna: eWC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO88123) launched in 2018. We offer industry-leading training in Beauty Therapy, Remedial Massage, Salon Management, Certificate III in Beauty Services and Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy.

eWC’s community is guided by the endota values; Intent, Connect, Truth, & Balance, while focusing on the mantra “learn mindfully, live authentically.” Students are supported with specialist endota masterclasses, morning meditation, on-campus Yoga and 1:1 trainer support while learning from expert industry leaders in Spa-like classrooms.

With campuses in VIC, NSW & QLD, eWC has successfully trained over 250 Therapists to date. Over 80% of eWC graduates are working within the Beauty & Wellness industry.


SWG: Thank you so much Anna for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

If you’re interested in a career as a Beauty Therapist or would love to pursue a career with endota in one of their spas located across Australia, you can find information about all of their courses on the endota Wellness College website.

You can also check out our Job Spotlights page for more careers in the Beauty Industry.


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