How to Turn Your Work Experience Position into a Job

If you’re part of the way through a work experience placement and find yourself loving it, you might be wondering how you can turn that work experience position into a job. Even if you need to do some study first, there are still things you can do on your placement that will put you in the good books when it comes to getting a job down the line.


Show you’re keen


If the employer can see you have a genuine interest in the work, this can definitely give you an edge for future job opportunities. So show up on time and ask lots of questions, be respectful to other workers and learn about what they do. If you’re given an opportunity to participate in some way, say yes! Employers are always on the lookout for people with a genuine interest in their work.


Hone your skills


Any work experience placement is a great way to develop valuable soft skills that can be taken into nearly any job. Think things like communication, teamwork, adaptability, etc. So use this opportunity to hone these skills now, so that when you come back in the future applying for a job, you can confidently put them on your resume.


Say thank you


Once your placement is done, make sure you finish up strong by thanking the employer for the opportunity. Showing some sincere gratitude will usually always get you into someone’s good books, and can also be an opportunity to ask for a reference or recommendation that you can use when applying for jobs (whether it’s one at this company or somewhere else).


You can find tons more work experience resources, including opportunities, on our website here.


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