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How to Prepare for Virtual Interviews

Although video and phone interviews have both been around for a long time, in the post-COVID era, Zoom and the like have never been more popular. In some instances, this method of interviewing may have replaced physical interviews because it’s just easier all around.

You should treat a virtual interview as you would any other interview and consider these tips.


Find a suitable location


Choose somewhere well lit, quiet and out of the way. You’ll need to focus and avoid distractions.

Make sure that you can be seen well, you’re not just a silhouette and think about what’s on view in the background.

If you can’t find a great spot at home consider asking your library or school if they have a room you can use.


Get your technology sorted


Work everything out beforehand, what technology you’ll need, where you’ll set it up. Make sure any apps are up to date and you know how to use them.

Have a practise run.

Ensure everything is fully charged, you have good internet connection or enough data.

Stay away from filters.


Remove distractions


Silence or turn off your phone.

Turn off notifications on your computer or phone as well.

Let everyone around you know you’re on an interview.




Use all of your communication skills to show that you’re giving your full attention to what’s being said or asked.

A good posture, eye contact, nodding and other non-verbal gestures all show the interviewer that you’re actively listening (don’t forget, if you’ve muted your audio, they won’t hear you if you’re agreeing verbally).


Mute yourself


When you’re not talking use this function to block out other sounds around you.


Make good eye contact


In face-to-face interviews it’s easy to give good eye contact to show that you’re engaged.

We recommend that you look at the camera and consider closing the window where you can see yourself – that way it won’t look like you’re watching yourself instead of paying attention to the interviewer.


Be professional


Look smart, use great vocabulary, be polite.

Plan a couple of questions to ask them about the job or their organisation.




Make a note of the date and time, schedule reminders if necessary.

Check you have a link or invitation ahead of time and make sure you know where it is in your emails. If you need to download apps or software then make sure you get that sorted ahead of the date too.

Introduce yourself and pay attention to the interview panels names and their job roles.

At the end of the interview remember to thank them for their time – you could even send a follow up email thanking them too.


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