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How to become a Professional Tennis Player

Professional Tennis Players follow an international circuit competing in tennis matches. Entering tournaments, playing in exhibition games, and making business deals including sponsorships and other endorsements are all part of the job.

If you’re highly competitive, have a passion for tennis, and are willing to commit to long hours of training, you might have what it takes to become the next world number one.


About you:


  • Natural ability, dedication and persistence
  • High level of fitness including speed, stamina, and strength
  • Have great reactions, exceptional coordination and be quick thinking
  • Possess great focus, self-control, and motivation
  • Be competitive and confident with a positive, winning, mentality
  • Committed to an intensive training program and competition circuit


The job:


  • Competing in tournaments locally and internationally
  • Keeping up a strict training schedule
  • Making media appearances
  • Coordinating with sponsors


Lifestyle Impact: High


  • Part Time opportunities: N/A
  • Average hours for full-time workers: Can vary depending on how many tournaments are coming up.
  • Professional Tennis Players’ salary (average) is nearly impossible to calculate, as earnings are dependent upon the number of tournaments won and endorsement deals made. However, if you make it to the top 90 world players – be rest assured you’ll have the opportunity to earn lots of money. Check out this article for more information: 
  • Future career growth: Strong (source:
  • You will be doing a lot of hard, physical work, and potentially travelling a lot as well.
  • It’s also worth noting tennis players often have to cover their expenses including travel, accommodation, coaching, and entering competitions (as well as taxes).


How to become a Professional Tennis Player in Australia


While there are no academic qualifications that’ll ensure you become a tennis player on the professional circuit, you can give yourself the best chance by:

Then consider:

  • Joining an enrichment program such as Talent Tennis Australia’s Athlete Development Pathway
  • Get yourself discovered by talent scouts in your state. You could contact them directly, or sign up for competitions, plan to attend as many events and workshops as possible
  • Signing up for the International Tours Program if you’re aged 18 or under and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Attending one of the 7 National Tennis Academies
  • Apply for Athletic Scholarships that could help you improve your skills, keep competing and obtain a degree at the same time e.g. US College Athletics Scholarship program


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I need to start young to become a Professional Tennis Player?


By starting your training and developing your skills as soon as possible, you give yourself the greatest chance of one day making it into the professional leagues.


Can I be a professional athlete and study at the same time?


This largely depends on how rigorous your schedule is and how many tournaments you enter. Many universities offer special programs and support for elite athletes to help them study alongside their sporting careers.


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