How to become a Bus Driver

Bus Drivers are responsible for safely driving public or private buses along pre-determined routes, and stopping at scheduled locations (and times) to pick-up and drop-off passengers.

If you get along well with anyone, have a great sense of direction, and would be confident behind the wheel of a large vehicle, then bus driving could be the job for you.

If you have these skills, you could make a great Bus Driver

  • Reliable, punctual, and able to manage your schedule independently
  • Focused and responsible while driving to ensure safety of your passengers and stick strictly to the road rules at all times
  • Approachable, calm, and friendly
  • Great at communicating with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds
  • Good problem-solving abilities

What tasks can I expect to do?

  • Check the bus is fuelled, in working order, and clean and tidy at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Be familiar with routes, stops, fares, and the timetable and provide this information to passengers
  • Greet passengers, check their tickets or passes, and take payment
  • Pick up and set down passengers, assist those that need help, and monitor passenger capacity and behaviour
  • Report any problems to the relevant department

Where do Bus Drivers work?

Bus Drivers may work in many different sectors, including public bus services, private bus services (including tour operators), charter buses, school buses, or long distance coach services. Opportunities to work as a chartered or tour bus driver could take you nearly anywhere in the world.

What kind of lifestyle can I expect as a Bus Driver?

Bus Drivers often enjoy flexible hours, which may include shift work and work outside of normal business hours (including holidays).

Most Bus Drivers can expect to earn an average salary throughout their career.

You may have to deal with some stressors, such as traffic-related issues, sticking to a timetable, breakdowns, or difficult behaviour from your passengers.

How to become a Bus Driver

You can work as a Bus Driver without any formal qualifications; you just need to ensure that you obtain the correct license in order to operate a bus in accordance with local laws.

Step 1 – Successfully complete high school.

Step 2 – Hold an unrestricted manual drivers’ license issued in the state/country where you’ll be employed.

Step 3 – Apply for and obtain a large/heavy vehicle license. Contact your local motor registry to find out which license/s you need.

Step 4 – Depending on the specific job you’re applying for, you may also need to obtain one or more of the following:

  • Police check
  • Working with children check
  • First aid certificate
  • Medical and/or eyesight tests
  • Psychometric or aptitude tests

Step 5 – Consider completing a vocational qualification which could boost your chances of success when applying for jobs, or help you move into other roles down the track.

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