How else could you use a Teaching Degree?

Just as with any career, there are lots of reasons why you might change your mind about teaching once you’ve finished your degree or even after a few years in the job.

If a lifetime of teaching isn’t for you, that’s OK. Your qualifications, skills, and experience could open the doors to careers in lots of other areas.


Think about the skills you’d have if you trained as a teacher


  • Compassionate and thoughtful
  • Great communicator with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Organised and efficient
  • Excellent time management
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work independently or in a team
  • Technical skills
  • Accurate and high-level writing skills
  • Flexible, problem solver
  • Resilient with good work ethic
  • Motivated lifelong learner who’s interested in continuous self-development
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Creative

We’ve probably missed a few as well. What other skills do you think teachers have?


Stay in Education


If you love education but you’re just not passionate about teaching, then you could stay in the field. Perhaps you diversify in to another area, such as early childhood, primary, secondary, move into adult education, or consider other roles such as training or mentoring.

Depending on the work experience you’ve gained, you could even move into leadership positions.

Or you could even become a one-on-one tutor, set up your own business and work for yourself (and even work from home).

There are also lots of jobs within education that you’ve probably never even though about, from curriculum writing, publishing, and editing, to administration, marketing, and more.


Move to a new field


With a teaching degree under your belt and experience working with young people, you could be well placed to move into counselling, community, or youth work roles too.

For a completely fresh start, your skills could provide a great basis to work in a host of other industries such as business, entertainment, not for profit organisations, Government roles, or media for starters.

You may need to undertake some additional training or registration, but your qualifications could be a good head start and help you to fast track your way there.


Other careers to consider


We’ve come up with a few jobs where a teaching degree could come in handy, or at least make a good basis to start from:

  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Learning Support Worker
  • Tutor
  • Social Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Counsellor
  • School or Police Liaison Officer
  • Educational Writing
  • Proof reading or editing
  • Instructional Designer (Curriculum Writer)
  • Teacher Training and Development
  • Careers Advisor
  • Librarian
  • Educational Consultant
  • Education Officer in Museum, Art Gallery, or Community positions
  • School Principal
  • Business Trainer
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Paralegal
  • Management
  • Entrepreneur
  • Grant Writer
  • Prison and Reform Services
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Local Government


Famous people with a background in teaching


If you’re not convinced that you’d be successful in another role after starting off with a teaching degree, here are a few familiar names that might help you think otherwise:

Hugh Jackman worked as assistant housemaster at Uppingham School in London during his Gap Year.

Liam Neeson gained his teaching degree and worked as a student teacher before his life took a different course.

Sheryl Crow began her career as a music teacher at a primary school in St Louis before she got her big break as a backup singer for Michael Jackson.

Sylvester Stallone worked as a gym teacher part-time whilst he studied drama.

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal worked as a substitute teacher in New York.

Brian May of Queen fame used to be a maths teacher after studying Physics at University.

Stephen King quit his teaching job in Maine after his first novel Carrie was published (he’s since written around 60 other successful novels).

Hillary Clinton was only one of two female faculty members at the University of Arkansas where she taught Criminal Law.

Barrack Obama spent 12 years teaching Constitutional Law and Race Theory at the University of Chicago.

Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy taught American Studies, African Studies, and English for six years in the Philadelphia public school system.


Explore more careers


If you’re considering teaching but just not convinced it would be perfect for you. You could apply for some work experience or voluntary work in local schools or education environments. You’ll get the chance to see what goes on and speak to a few people teaching.

You could also ask your current teachers what they think about their job and ask them about other careers they’ve either tried out or thought about doing.

We’ve got heaps more careers to explore here, or you might like to read some of our Job Spotlights.


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