How Careers Advisors can help students prepare for Job Interviews with Virtual Reality

Careers Advisors have historically had a hard time helping students prepare for the job-jitters, relying on mock interviews as the primary and only avenue for practice. But things are changing with Australia’s first Virtual Reality Job Interview Simulator by Work Window.

Here’s how Careers Advisors can engage students with Virtual Reality to practice their interview skills and build confidence for future job interviews.


The traditional way to help students practice their interview skills 


Proficient job interviewing craft is vital for students to attain the careers of their dreams. Many job applicants could be highly capable employees, but don’t interview well. This is especially true of students who have never experienced a job interview before.

The problem is that the skill of interviewing is quite difficult to help students practice.

Most Careers Advisors realise that mock interviews are good preparation but come with many limitations. They require a trained career professional to act out the interview questions. They’re difficult/costly to scale to a large group outside of events given they require 1-on-1 attention from a facilitator. They often don’t cover a few important steps in the actual interview process, such as choosing an outfit, planning travel, greeting other employees or reception.


How VR can provide a safe environment for students to build confidence


For some students, even mock interviews can be quite anxiety-inducing. They’re also difficult to implement for repeated practices to help students become comfortable with the interview pressure. VR can provide an alternative safe environment without as much social pressure for students to grow comfortable.

With VR and the Job Interview Simulator, Careers Advisors can offer students a way to practise the interview experience repeatedly using only a VR headset. Advisors can help students build confidence as they become comfortable with the situation, questions and process involved.

This safer practice environment might be a useful tool for engaging with socially anxious students who find mock interviews overwhelming.


Using Virtual Reality to coach students as a Careers Advisor


Whilst we certainly don’t see mock interviews going away anytime soon, VR could be a fantastic, logistically easier supplement for many Careers Advisors. We envision it will be used to help students build repetitions and familiarity with the interview process in addition to mock interviews.

Because the headsets require substantially less organisation than interviews, students could use them several times throughout a school year. It would even be possible to run sessions for small groups during lunch times to work on their interview skills or demand if a student had an interview coming up.

Career advisors will also be able to use VR as a tool to engage more socially anxious students who struggle with the interview pressure. Practising in VR could be a good way for these students to build confidence in a safer environment with less social pressure. This might form an easier pathway for them to graduate to mock interviews (or even a real-world job interview).


How you might integrate the Job Interview Simulator into your program


You might choose to implement VR as an ongoing resource for students to use throughout the year, or in dedicated sessions/classes to maximise exposure. The Work Window team says Careers Advisors across 40+ Australia schools are currently delivering the Job Interview Simulator to students in many different modes of delivery, including lunch time sessions, start-of-class practises and office drop-ins.

Because logistics are much simpler (only requires the VR headset and 15-20 minutes of student time) than mock interviews, they can be scheduled in more flexibly to the school year.


Trying the Job Interview Simulator for your programs


Australian schools, universities and educators can request a demonstration headset to trial the Work Window Job Interview Simulator for their programs and initiatives at

Individual students or parents can also request their school and careers advisors/teams to investigate Work Window for their career education programs.


Our thanks to Cameron Martin, Founder of Work Window, for authoring this guest article.

Work Window also has a Virtual Reality Careers Exploration application where students can take a virtual interactive tour of a worksite to get a feel for a career within a few minutes of Virtual Reality, rather than a week of Work Experience. It’s used by over 40+ of Australia’s leading schools to help students explore and transition into the world of work.


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