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Hot Tips To Land a Summer Job

There’s no difference between applying for a casual summer job, part time work, or a high-powered graduate career – employers will want to know you’re taking their business seriously and you’ll be giving the job your all.

So whether you’re applying for a few hours a week at Maccas or a full-time position in the reservations office of a 5-star hotel, you’ve got to give it your best shot if you really want the job.


Ace your applications


Make sure your application:

  • Addresses all the criteria in the advert
  • Contains a tailored cover letter and resume highlighting how you meet the criteria
  • Has up to date and accurate information
  • Looks fantastic – if it’s hand-written then make sure you take the time to make it neat and legible
  • Has been proof-read – check the spelling and grammar, make sure it reads well and makes sense
  • Gets in on time, or if there’s no deadline, at the earliest date possible to give yourself the best chance (i.e. don’t procrastinate)

Once you’ve submitted an application, remember to check your emails, voicemails or answer all your calls. You don’t want to miss an opportunity if you’ve been selected for an interview or even got the job.


Make a great impression


You can land a job without an interview, but it’s more common that your application will get you shortlisted. Then you’ll have to attend an interview, which will determine if you’ll be offered the job.

Prepare by practising mock interviews and finding the perfect outfit that gives you confidence and makes the right impression.

Do some research about the company and the job you’ve applied for – it’ll show in the interview.

Come up with couple of relevant questions and remember to ask them towards the end of the interview.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, but try to stay as calm as possible so that you can do yourself justice.

Thank the interviewer for their time before you leave.

Read our top 5 interview tips blog if you’d like a little more information.


Follow up


Once you’ve submitted an application or you’ve had an interview, if you don’t hear back within a week or so, give them a call or email just to follow up.

It could show that you’re enthusiastic and serious about the job.


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