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Harmony Week – Resources for Schools

This year, we will be celebrating Harmony Week from 20-26 March. Harmony Week is a celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds.

We’ve gathered some resources for schools that you might like to incorporate into the classroom over Harmony Week.


School Resources for Harmony Week


The Australian Government has developed heaps of great Harmony Week resources for schools – this includes lesson plans and ideas, promotional materials, an event planning kit, and more. The resources are all free to access and use here.

ReachOut has developed a special lesson for Harmony Week that helps students explore ideas around identity and inclusivity. It’s recommended for students in Years 7-8 and is mapped to the Australian Curriculum. You can access the lesson here. If you’re short on time, they also have some 5-minute chat activities on cultural identity and inclusivity.

Encourage students to enter competitions like the Harmony Day Poster Competition or the Harmony Day Song Writing Competition.

Racism. No way! have developed a variety of teaching resources to support the delivery of anti-racism and anti-prejudice education in the classroom.

SBS has compiled a great resource, providing teachers with a way to facilitate constructive conversations about racism in classrooms. It includes short clips, discussion ideas, activities, and practical tasks.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have also developed a variety of educational resources to support their Racism. It Stops with Me campaign.


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