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We speak a lot about jobs of the future, and how it’s important to set ourselves up with the right skills today so we can adapt to whatever comes. And it seems that a lot of universities also have this in mind, and are designing more flexible degrees that can equip you with multiple skills, instead of focusing on a single area.

So we’ve found some cool degrees that can set you up for the future. Take a look.


Bond – Bachelor of Digital Transformation


Rather than being industry-specific, this degree from Bond combines study and skills from a wide variety of areas, including business, communications, technology, and law. You also get to pick some elective subjects, really personalising the degree to your own interests. Plus, you will participate in the Beyond Bond professional development program, getting real-world experience as part of your degree.

Find out more about the degree here.


UTS – Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Pair this unique degree with one of UTS’ 25 core degrees to create an entirely new course that sets you up with important future skills. Take part in real-world projects and self-initiated proposals, and come together with students from all different study areas to share ideas and collaborate.

Learn more here.


Macquarie – Bachelor of Cognitive and Brain Sciences


If you’re interested in learning about how the brain works, this course is for you. Delve deep into the workings of the mind through participation in hands-on experience with real researchers, and learn valuable communication and critical thinking skills. You can also pick several flexible units to study from any discipline, either to deepen your knowledge or learn something new.

Read more about the course here.


Interested in finding out more? You can take a look on Course Seeker to browse thousands of courses from universities and institutions across Australia.


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