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Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2023

This year, NAIDOC Week was held from 2-9 July. NAIDOC Week is a time to honour and celebrate the heritage, achievements, and contributions of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. The theme for NAIDOC Week this year is “For Our Elders“.

One of the primary goals of NAIDOC Week is to promote awareness and understanding of the histories, contributions, and ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous communities. It offers an opportunity for schools, workplaces, and community organisations to engage in meaningful conversations and learning activities that challenge stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and acknowledge the impact of colonisation.

Special events are run during NAIDOC Week and throughout the rest of the year, including festivals, art and culture exhibitions, talks, workshops, community events, and more. You can see the full calendar of events for this year here.

Teachers can also find a variety of educational resources for students from years K-12. These resources directly support teachers in addressing the Australian Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture cross-curriculum priority.


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