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Take a look at our resources for parents – from your child’s career and study options to supporting them through life.

It’s normal for parents to have concerns about the way their teens use the internet. Learn about protecting their privacy and safety online.
Helping your teen figure out their next steps can be tricky, but with your support and guidance, they can go on to do nearly anything.
Talking with your teen about financial stress can be a daunting prospect, but it can actually help to build reassurance and resilience.
Parents and carers are often the primary influence on their teen’s career goals, so being their champion could help them succeed.
Know nothing about AI in education and wondering how it could impact your high school students? We’ve covered the basics for you here.
Tips for parents to help their teen develop reasoning skills, make informed choices, and be well equipped for their future.
Excited for your teen heading off to celebrate but can’t avoid worrying? We’ve got schoolies tips for parents to help ease the pressure.
Learn how to help your teen to reframe negative thoughts, boost their confidence and motivation, and empower their decision making.
Find tips for helping your teen to manage feelings of disappointment about exam results and moving forward with purpose.
Teens spend a lot of time online, so it’s easy for them to be exposed to bad news. See how you can help them cope and encourage conversation.

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