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Bring up Respect

The Campaign

Stop it at the Start aims to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people.

The campaign is aimed at parents and family members of children aged 10–17, as well as the teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers of young people.

Since young people’s attitudes and behaviours are shaped by those around them, it’s important to expose them to positive influences where they live, work, learn and socialise. As adults, we need to recognise and reconcile our role as important influencers of the younger generation.

How you can help

As parents, family members, teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers, we have an important role as influencers of young people.

Without realising it, we can sometimes say and do things that make young people think disrespectful and aggressive behaviours are acceptable.
Gradually, boys and girls start to believe that disrespect is just a normal part of growing up.

We should speak up when someone says or does something that excuses disrespect towards women.

Disrespect and aggression aren’t easy subjects to talk about with young people. Having the confidence to get started can sometimes be the hardest part.


Resources Available

Here you can find some tools to help you have those conversations:

Use the Excuse Interpreter to discover the hidden meanings of common expressions that can excuse disrespectful behaviour.

Understanding attitudes: use the Respect Checklist to become more aware of what your son or daughter might be thinking in disrespectful or aggressive situations.

Talking about respect:

  • use the Conversation Guide to help you talk more confidently and openly with young people about the importance of respectful relationships.
  • use Generation Respect as a practical guide for talking to other adults about raising respectful young people.

Go to Case studies for a collection of thought provoking articles from members of the community and positive role models for young people. They share their thoughts and personal experiences to shed light on the issue of violence against women and the importance of fostering respect and healthy relationships among young people.

Go to Video resources for inspiring video messages from community leaders, including media personalities and sporting professionals, who are working with the younger generation to put an end to disrespect towards women.

Go to Animations for a collection of animations that shares practical solutions for having conversations about respect and how to speak up to address disrespectful behaviours.

Project ARI Podcast: a new podcast to help kids understand the importance of respect.


Resources for First Nations People

We want our young people to be healthy and proud of who they are. We want them to understand right and wrong. We want them to respect others and respect themselves.

Young people pick up their behaviours from us, their parents and elders. Sometimes, without meaning to, we might say things that excuse disrespectful behaviour towards women, and this sends an unhealthy message to our young people.

When we say things like “boys will be boys”, or “he was having a bad day”, our young people start to believe there are reasons and situations that make disrespectful behaviour acceptable.

Violence against women starts with disrespect. The excuses we make let it grow.

There are plenty of resources for Indigenous and Torres Strait Island people including the Speak up Booklet, Respect Playbook, Respect Promise Card, Artwork, Videos, Yarn Guides, and more.



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