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A quick chat about the GROW Model with Tyson Day

Last week Lucy, our resident Career Practitioner, had a chance to catch up with Tyson Day from Arrive & Thrive to hear his thoughts on goal setting. Tyson is a master of goal hacking and uses the GROW Model to move projects forward.

The GROW model looks like this:

  • G is for Goal – work out what it is you want to achieve
  • R is for Reality – what’s your current situation, how much will your goal cost, and how long will it take to achieve?
  • O is for Options – what options are available to you to make your goal happen?
  • W is for Way Forward – which path are you going to take to start working towards your goals.

Once you’ve worked this all out, next you need to work out what habits you need to build to make the goal a reality. Do you need to put a set amount of money away each month, or study for an extra 20 minutes each night? Or will you commit to not doom scrolling past 9pm on week nights? Those habits you set are what will help you actually achieve your goal.

Watch the video here:


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