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A Day in the Life of an Engineering Student

This guest blog was written by Tequile Ryan, Engineering and Mathematics student at the University of Queensland.


Having grown up in the regional town of Mackay, university life in Brisbane seemed like a daunting new world. No longer would I have to wear a uniform, be woken up for school by my Mum or be strictly learning from 8:30am-3pm. And although it was a difficult adjustment at first, I now look forward to what each day brings at the University of Queensland.




I usually wake up at 7am – especially if my classes begin at 8am – and have Weet-Bix for breakfast. I try to schedule my timetable so that I start classes after 9am because I find that my concentration is better, and 8am starts become harder to commit to later in the semester.




One of the coolest things about university is the flexibility to choose your own timetable. As a current second-year student studying a double degree Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Mathematics at UQ, I usually have 19 hours of class time each week (and no more than 21). Many people I know structure their timetable to squeeze all their classes into one or two days each week. This may work well for someone who has fewer class hours or needs to travel long distances to university, but I find it difficult to concentrate for several hours at a time, so I schedule my classes over four or five days.




UQ is abundant with facilities that contain microwaves and fridges (such as in the libraries), so I never have to worry about bringing in food. If I do decide to buy food, UQ has plenty of cafes and other great places to eat on campus.




After having a break for lunch, I usually have more classes in the afternoon. Although most of my classes record lectures (which is very helpful for revision), I try to attend them in person or watch them live online – otherwise it’s very easy to fall behind!

After my last class, I use any free time before dinner to revise, catch-up or work on any assignments. After dinner, I’ll probably do more university work and then wind down by reading a book or watching YouTube before going to bed. At the start of the semester, I get around eight hours of sleep, but towards the end, this becomes more like six hours.


Outside University


During the semester, I like participating in UQ engineering networking events, Engineering Student Ambassador work and attending energy conferences and leadership programs through the Australian Power Institute. For fun, I like to get involved in UQ Veg Society events.


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