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9 unusual Christmas jobs to consider

unusual Christmas jobs

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d do some research in to some more unusual jobs you could think about doing if you love all things Christmas (or just want to take advantage of the festive season to make some cash).

Reindeer walker

No Santa experience is complete without reindeer. Lots of shopping centres, garden centres, and entertainment venues hire real reindeer to entertain the Christmas crowds – and they need reindeer walkers to exercise, feed, and look after them.

Ice marshalls

All around the world in the run up to Christmas, ice skating increases in popularity. Temporary rinks pop up in many town centres for anybody to have a go. Ice rink hand-holders, AKA ice marshalls (which sounds much cooler), are needed to hand out skates and help people on the ice when they’re struggling.

Christmas tree decorator

If you love decorating and Christmas is your favourite time of the year, you could find work as a professional tree decorator. They’re needed in shops, businesses, hotels, private homes, and even local councils hire them.

Turkey plucker

Exactly what it sounds like, in this role you’d be preparing turkeys for festive feasts. It’s certainly not glamorous, but is is essential. Maybe this is more of a career for the grinches among us.

Gift wrapper

If you never get sick of wrapping gifts and can make even the most simple item look enticing, then your skills will be well in demand around Christmas.

Mince pie maker

A great mince pie is the icing on the Christmas feast for lots of people. If you’ve got the time and the skills, you could sell stacks of these delicious festive treats.


Help to spread the spirit of Christmas by singing hymns or special carols at large events, small scale venues, or even door-to-door.

Christmas cracker joke writer

If you’re a bit of a comedian and love to come up with new jokes, you could be the person making the nation chuckle and roll their eyes by coming up with new jokes for the Christmas crackers each year.

Christmas light detangler

If you are practical, dextrous, and have the patience of the saint, this could be a great little annual earner for you. Some stores offer this as a professional service, but you could also set yourself up with your own business.

Want something more traditional?

If none of these unusual Christmas jobs floats your boat, have a look at these other careers you might find rewarding instead:

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