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9 blogs every Career Practitioner should know about

We don’t work in a huge field, and chances are that what makes news for us isn’t going to make it into the national newspaper, but subscribing to a range of blogs from across the field can help you stay on top of what’s going on. Almost all of these blogs offer a way for you to subscribe so you don’t need to keep going back to the same sites – just check your inbox, skim the latest, then move on with your day. Here are a few of the blogs I subscribe to:

Career Panorama

Published by the Career Development Association of Australia, and often featuring guest authors, this comprehensive blog covers a huge range topics for all ages, so those working with adult clients or in the higher education space will also find useful articles.


Brought to us by the team at CERIC, you’ll find a huge range of articles on topics that career advisors need to know about, from a huge range of industry experts. These include topics like supporting clients with mental health conditions, managing work-life balance, and integrating digital tools into work environments.

Alan Bullock’s Blog

This is quite a specific blog – Alan is collecting and reporting weekly on data surrounding Higher Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships advertised in the UK, and there’s an impressive amount of data here. He also shares his insights into the new positions found each week, and I imagine his insights will only become more valuable as the popularity of higher apprenticeships picks up across the world. 

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

Another one with a focus on apprenticeships, you’ll find lots of great articles aimed primarily at school leavers and their families, but there’s also some information on the latest trends in the industry.

Career Contessa

This is a huge site, and it’s chock-full of articles, videos, podcasts, and more all focused on career management. This one is aimed more at career builders than career development professionals, but they seem do quite well at staying across the latest changes in things like interview formats and job search strategies.

Seek Career Advice

This one’s also aimed at career builders, but there are some great articles that talk about the trends in job ad data which are certainly useful for career development professionals. For example, they’ve just published this one on the industries where job ads are rising.

Careers Defender

Janet’s blog covers a whole range of topics related to career education, including primary career ed and integrating careers within the curriculum.

Adventures in Career Development

Led by Tristram Hooley, this blog is regularly updated with ideas on best practice and ideas about career development theory. Tristram also shares his opinions on developments within the policy landscape which are really helpful for anyone working in the space.

And, of course;

Pondering Careers

This is my blog, and I post a range of articles including resources for career educators, insight reports, reviews of other resources, and ideas for career education programs.


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