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7 sweet jobs for chocolate lovers

Are you an ultra sweet tooth, or perhaps fancy yourself the next Chocolate Guy? If you have a love for everything chocolate, we have some interesting jobs for you – take a look.

Chocolate Panning Machine Operator

If you’ve always wanted to know how chocolates are made behind-the-scenes, this could be the perfect job for you. Chocolate panning machines are used in commercial manufacturing to cover things with chocolate – you could be slathering chocolate on nearly anything, from nuts, coffee beans, and dried fruits to honeycomb, pretzels, and even rice cakes.

For this job, you’ll need to be organised and efficient, as well as have good safety knowledge.


This is probably the first job that comes to mind when people think of chocolate. Chocolatiers are the artisans who hand-create different types of sweet treats, typically in a gourmet or “premium” setting. They don’t just make things like truffles and eggs – they even push the limits of chocolate and create mind-blowing sculptures and centrepieces.

Most chocolatiers learn their trade through an apprenticeship, and you’ll need to have a steady hand and limitless creativity.

Chocolate Café Manager

If you prefer eating chocolate over making it, this job might be more up your alley. There are lots of cafés and patisseries that specialise in everything chocolate, and you could be the one running everything. You might be supervising other staff, keeping tabs on inventory, or coming up with new marketing promotions for the store.

This job is suited to those with great communication, teamwork, and organisation skills.

Cocoa Research Engineer

Chocolate doesn’t start out as bars – first, you need to grow the beans. As a cocoa research engineer, you’ll be responsible for identifying the most efficient and highest quality cocoa growing and harvesting processes. This job is a mix of agriculture, science, engineering, and business – you won’t just ensure that beans are plentiful, you’ll also need to find ways of growing that are environmentally sustainable and ethical to the local community and workers.

Cocoa research engineers need to be inquisitive, analytical, and excellent problem-solvers. Here’s an overview of what the job might involve at the Hershey Company:

Chocolate Hotelier

Featuring all things chocolate-themed, from chocolate-inspired rooms and chocolate-laden menus, to on-site chocolate shops, specialist chefs, and even chocolate spa experiences, chocolate hotels have been around for a while. Maybe you’ll come up with the next cocoa getaway…

Don’t believe us? Chocolate hour at the Movenpick Hotel in Melbourne serves up “complimentary chocolate-themed sweets that change daily”. Visit the Hotel Casa Cacao in Girona for chocolate themed breakfasts amongst other chocolatey treats. Or stay at Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Hotel in St Lucia, built on a cacao farm, where (of course) in-house treats and experiences are available daily. Some hotels like the Chocohotel in Perugia have even gone one step further, offering edible chocolate accessories and furnishings in their suites.

If you want to become a chocolate hotelier, you’ll need to have good business sense, an eye for design, and great people skills.

Chocolate Maker

Not to be confused with chocolatiers, chocolate makers are the magicians who turn cocoa beans into chocolate. They start by finding the finest beans, then using specialist equipment, they ferment, roast, grind, mill, refine, conch, and temper them, and finally add a variety of ingredients to create the melt-in-your-mouth products we love.

To excel in this role, you’ll need to be hands-on, precise, and dedicated (and be able to resist the temptation to eat all your product before it’s finished).

Chocolate Taster

Dream job, anyone? Just like it sounds, a chocolate taster’s job involves tasting chocolate, ensuring it’s just right before it goes on sale. You won’t just be checking for flavour; you’ll also be testing smell, texture, mouth-feel, and even the noise it makes when you break a piece off. Curious to learn more? You can read about the life of chocolate taster Georg Bernardini in this blog.

In this job, you’ll need excellent taste, keen senses, and great communication skills.

Chocolate Courses

Now that you’re thinking of chocolate jobs, you’ll need the skills and knowledge to secure one. There are tons of different courses you can take – here are some we’ve found:

Want more?

We have heaps of other resources on work, jobs, and careers (even non-chocolate-related ones) on our website here.


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