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7 productivity hacks for high school students

If you’re fed up with late-night study sessions, feeling overwhelmed by school work or exam prep, and drowning in textbooks, perhaps it’s time for some new strategies. By working smarter, not harder, you could boost your productivity, retain information better, and reduce the stress that often accompanies high school life. Here are seven productivity hacks for high school students to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle:

Prioritise your tasks

Begin by identifying your most important and urgent tasks. You could try using the Eisenhower Matrix, which categorises tasks based on urgency and importance. Focus on the tasks in the “Important and Urgent” quadrant first to help manage your time best and maximise your productivity.

Create a study plan

Establish a study routine that suits your personal preferences and commitments. For example, do you study better in the morning or at night? Do you have extracurricular or work commitments? Block those times out of your schedule. Then allocate specific time slots for each subject or topic, ensuring a balanced workload. Stick to your schedule to develop consistency in your study habits.

Break tasks into smaller chunks

Tackling a massive assignment or a lengthy reading list can feel daunting. If you start by finding a way to break all your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks it will seem much more achievable and give you focus. Completing bite-sized portions could also give you a sense of accomplishment and make the workload feel less overwhelming.

Eliminate distractions

Identify your most common distractions and take steps to minimise them. Put away your phone, use website blockers if needed, and create a dedicated study space that is free from interruptions. If you can’t set something up at home, try and find a space at school, the local library, or other community space.

Embrace study techniques

Finding an established study technique that suits you and the way you work could help you to stay on track and be more productive, without reinventing the wheel yourself.

Here are some techniques you might like to try:

Use technology wisely

There are dozens of apps and tools available to enhance your study experience. Some of them are free while others you might have to pay for, but if you can’t afford a specific tool you could also look for alternatives.

Tools like note-taking apps, task managers, and calendar apps can help you stay organised and on track. Why not have a look at the educational apps and online resources that could you to reinforce your learning, be productive, or stay on track? You could ask your friends, family, or teachers what they use if you’re not sure where to start.

Review and reflect

After each study session, take a few minutes to go over what you’ve learned. Ask yourself questions and think about the key takeaways. This active recall technique could help reinforce your memory and comprehension.

Remember, productivity isn’t about studying longer hours; it’s about studying efficiently and effectively. By incorporating the hacks that work for you into your routine, you could improve your study habits, reduce stress, and achieve better academic results. So, go ahead and start studying smarter, not harder, and see if it makes a difference.

You can find productivity hacks and study tips for high school students on our website here.


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