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7 movies that make ordinary careers look cool

Looking for a bit of career inspiration (while being entertained as well)? We’ve found 7 movies about people with ordinary careers doing extraordinary things.

So settle in, grab some popcorn, and think about adding some of these to your watch list:


Hidden Figures


Think maths is boring? Think again. Hidden Figures tells the true story of three women who were the brains behind NASA’s space program in its early days. There are some truly amazing things you can accomplish with STEM, no matter who you are or where you come from.


Erin Brockovich


This is a name you might have heard before, but maybe you don’t know exactly who she is. The film Erin Brockovich is also based on a true story, and follows the title character of the same name as she uncovers a huge scandal with a multi-billion dollar company. The best part is, she isn’t even a lawyer – just a legal clerk – but still manages to find justice for her community.




Another film based on real life events, Spotlight follows a team of journalists as they slowly uncover a shocking scandal involving the church. Although it deals with some very heavy subject matter, it’s also a good example of the power of the press, and how one small action can make ripples worldwide.




If fast-paced action is more your style, check out Unstoppable. This movie is about an out-of-control train heading right for disaster, and the ordinary transport workers frantically trying to stop it.


The Big Short


Finance, investing, stocks…all boring right? Well, when there are billions of dollars on the line, you might think again. This film follows three separate stories of some clever investors working out that the economy is on the brink of collapse.


The Terminal


When a foreigner is stranded at a major airport, he manages to find his way thanks to some regular workers (an air hostess, a janitor, and a baggage handler). No matter what your job is, there are always ways you can help people in need.


The King’s Speech


Imagine you’re a speech therapist, and you get a call for a new client. Then imagine that caller turns out to be the Queen of England, and your new client is none other than the King himself. The King’s Speech follows the true story of a speech therapist that helps King George VI with a speech impediment.


There’s actually a theme with all these movies – they’re all based on things that happened in real life. So amazing things don’t just happen in far-fetched stories, they happen in our day-to-day lives too.

Hopefully you’re a little more inspired to think about where your career could take you.


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