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5 work experience ideas for students who love photography

Work experience is a valuable step towards discovering your passion and gaining hands-on knowledge in your chosen field. For high school students with a keen interest in photography, there are lots of avenues to explore and learn. Here are five intriguing work experience ideas tailored for budding photographers.

Find experience at a local photography studio

One of the best ways to immerse oneself in the world of photography is by getting experience at a local photography studio. You’ll get to work closely with seasoned professionals, learning all about studio setups, equipment handling, and various types of photo shoots. You could do this by participating in a work experience program, volunteering, or even getting a casual or part-time job.

Assist with photography at events

Capturing the essence of special moments during events like weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings is a unique skill set within the realm of photography. You could offer your assistance to professional event photographers, or ask family and friends if you can help out at any events they’ve planned. You’ll gain exposure to candid photography, equipment management, and adapting to different lighting conditions.

Try your hand at photo editing and post-production

Beyond the lens, a significant aspect of photography lies in post-production work. Start becoming familiar with industry-standard software, such as Photoshop and Lightroom, then offer to touch up photos for friends, family, your school, or as a service online. This experience will equip you with an understanding of the entire photography workflow.

Do some freelance photography

Taking on freelance assignments is an excellent way for your to build your portfolio and gain exposure to the business side of photography. This could involve capturing images for local businesses or even personal clients. You’ll foster independence, time management, and the ability to communicate effectively with clients – skills that are vital for a career in photography.

Take photography workshops and classes

Participating in photography workshops or classes can be a valuable experience. They offer you the chance to learn from seasoned photographers, explore diverse environments, and practice capturing all kinds of scenes and subjects. This will allow you to hone technical skills and maybe even gain certificates you can add to your resume or portfolio.

Getting the most out of any experience lies not only in the tasks you do, but also in the connections you make and guidance you receive. Don’t forget to actively engage with mentors, seek constructive feedback, and document anything new you learn. Join groups on social media with others who share your passion and share in their knowledge and experience too.

You can find out more about work experience and search for opportunities here.


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