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5 Work Experience Ideas for Students Interested in Coding

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, there is a growing demand for skilled coders. If you’re a high school student interested in pursuing a career in IT or tech, gaining work experience can be invaluable in terms of developing skills, building a network, and enhancing your CV. Here are five work experience ideas for students interested in coding in Australia.


Internship at a tech company


Many tech companies offer internships and work experience to students interested in coding. These internships can provide valuable hands-on experience working on real projects, as well as exposure to industry professionals. You can search online for internships or contact local tech companies directly.


Volunteering at a non-profit


Non-profit organisations often need help with website design and maintenance, which can provide an excellent opportunity for high school students to practice coding skills while contributing to a good cause. You can search for opportunities by contacting non-profits directly or searching for opportunities online.


Freelance coding projects


High school students can also gain work experience by taking on freelance coding projects. This can include building websites for small businesses, creating mobile apps, or developing software tools. You could advertise your services online or through local networks, such as family and friends.


Coding bootcamps


There are many coding bootcamps and workshops available for high school students that provide a structured environment for learning and building coding skills. These programs usually offer hands-on coding experience and mentorship opportunities, which can help you develop coding proficiency and gain exposure to different coding languages and tools. You can find programs that run in-person and online.


Open-source projects


Contributing to open-source projects can be a great way for you to gain experience in coding. You can identify open-source projects that align with your interests and contribute code to these projects. This can provide valuable exposure to industry-standard coding practices and give you the opportunity to work with other coders around the world. You can search for open-source projects on platforms such as GitHub or join online coding communities to find projects to contribute to.


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