5 work experience ideas for high school students that love writing

If you’re a great communicator, think you could be the next Suzanne Collins, or even have a fanfiction or two under your belt, you might be considering a future career as a writer. Though a this career typically doesn’t have any strict entry requirements, work experience is still a great way to build your skills and get a taste of the industry. Here are some work experience ideas you might like to try if you love writing.

Get in touch with your local newspaper

Consider reaching out to your local newspaper and inquire about opportunities for work experience or even internships. You could assist with writing articles, conducting interviews, and covering local events. This hands-on experience will give you a taste of journalism and let you flex your writing skills.

Become a content creator

Explore opportunities with businesses or organisations that write blogs. They often need creative writers to produce engaging and informative content. This could include researching, writing, and editing articles on topics that align with the organisation’s interests. It’s a great chance to improve your writing skills and gain exposure in the online world.

Volunteer as a social media assistant

In the digital age, social media plays a huge role in marketing and communication. Offer your writing skills to local businesses or non-profits that need assistance with managing their social media platforms. You’ll learn how to craft concise and engaging posts, and you might even get to experiment with different writing styles to suit various platforms.

Ask your local library or bookstore

For students who love books and writing, work experience, volunteering, or even part-time work at a library or bookstore can be a dream come true. You could help organise events, write book reviews, or assist in curating displays. This experience will immerse you in the literary world and provide insights into the process of book publishing, promotion, and community engagement.

Try your hand at marketing

Marketing agencies are always in need of creative minds to develop content that captures audiences’ attention. Look for opportunities for work experience with a marketing agency where you can learn how to create engaging copy for advertisements, social media campaigns, and website content. This experience will give you a taste of the intersection between writing and marketing.

As you explore these ideas, keep in mind that your passion for writing can lead you down various paths. Each opportunity you take will help you refine your skills, learn new techniques, and gain a better understanding of where your interests align within the writing landscape.

You can find out more about work experience and search for opportunities here.


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