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5 questions to ask while you’re on work experience

Work experience is invaluable to help you gain hands-on experience in your chosen field, explore potential career paths, and develop essential skills for your future. By actively engaging in the experience and asking questions, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your placement. Here are 5 key questions you should ask while you’re on work experience.

What are the primary responsibilities and daily tasks in this role?

Understanding the day-to-day activities and expectations of a job can provide you with a clearer picture of what a career in that field entails. This way, you can find out whether it sounds like something you would want to do every day.

How do the skills and knowledge I’m gaining (or will gain) in my studies apply to this job?

Connecting the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world work situations can help you understand the different places your studies can take you in the future. It can also help identify any gaps in your knowledge or skills before you jump into the workforce.

What are the most challenging aspects of this job, and how do you overcome them?

Learning about the challenges professionals face in their roles and the strategies they employ to address them can help you develop resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills – skills you can use not just in your job, but your daily life too.

How do you see this industry evolving over the next few years, and what can I do to stay competitive?

Gaining insights into industry trends and potential changes can better prepare you for the future job market, ensuring you remain competitive and up-to-date with relevant skills and knowledge.

Can you recommend any resources, professional associations, or networking opportunities that could help me?

Expanding your professional network and staying informed about industry news and opportunities can be a big help as you progress in your career. By seeking advice from experienced professionals, you can identify valuable resources to help support your growth and development in your chosen field.

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