3 Top Tips to Get a Summer Job

Finding a summer job sounds simple, right?

But when life and school get busy and you find time is racing towards the summer break, you might be thinking to yourself “where do I even start?”.

We’ve got some ideas to help you get back on track.


3 Top Tips to Get a Summer Job


Get Planning


Be realistic, and before you even start a job search, have a think about:

  • How many hours each week that you’ll have available to work (and how much time you really want to work, remember it’s your holiday)
  • Which days are best for you to work? If you have other commitments or plans already in place, it’ll be useful to know what you can apply for or let potential employers know when you’ll be available for work or shifts
  • Do you know how you’ll be getting to work – this could determine when you can start, where you can work and when you’ll have to finish

Using these criteria could help you narrow down your job search and ensure you don’t waste your time (or potential employers’ time) applying for unsuitable jobs.


Start Searching Now


If you haven’t already locked something in or even started looking, then you might need to play a bit of catch up. Lots of businesses have started advertising already for summer casuals, so if you’d like to secure a job then don’t leave it until Term 4 is over.


Know Where To Look


Businesses advertise all over the place. Here are a few places to start your search:

  • Check the storefront and noticeboards of your local shops and shopping centres, as well as other businesses on the street.
  • Student Services Australia’s database lists lots of jobs and you can search by local area.
  • Search online; there are hundreds of job sites and organisations bursting with opportunities.
  • You could also check individual business websites for positions vacant – this is ideal if you have your heart set on working for a specific organisation.
  • Facebook often has dedicated pages or groups within communities and regions where employers advertise positions available. Or you could be proactive and ask in those community groups if anyone has or knows of a summer job going locally.
  • It might seem a little outdated, but your local newspaper’s classified section could have the perfect job opening for you.

If you’re not having any luck or you have something specific in mind, then try applying directly. Politely approach the manager and have a conversation with them about what you’re looking for. Remember to take a copy of your resume that you can leave with them.

Then all you’ll have to do is put your best foot forward and apply!


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