13 unusual jobs you might not know exist

Some of the careers in this blog might lean more towards a weird more than just unusual. But you never know what’s going to strike a chord and be the spark that ignites a career you’ll love. Here’s a quick read of 13 more unusual jobs you might not know exist.

Professional Cuddler

Yes, this is a real thing. You could be helping people who are struggling with loneliness, depression, trauma, medical problems, or who are simply in need of an extra cuddle…from a stranger.

Successful professional cuddlers might build an established clientele and develop repeat business, or you might just be open to one-off cuddles. You could carry out one or multiple cuddling sessions per day. Even better, the hours are flexible, and you can work from home.

Golf Ball Diver

Basically professional recyclers, golf ball divers retrieve golf balls from bodies of water in or around golf courses. The golf balls are then then cleaned up, repackaged, and resold. You could be part of an organisation where you just turn up, dive, and earn a bit of money. Or you could negotiate contracts to work independently for golf courses.

It’s not glamorous work, often involving heavy lifting and diving into murky waters filled with all kinds of hazards. The rewards? Well, you could earn upwards of $100 per hour; Glen Berger claims to have made over $15 million throughout his career.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

How about working as a modern-day cupid? You could earn cash by writing profiles for people to post on their online dating site profiles. Not everyone is great at writing, so you could help them to increase their chances of finding their perfect match.


The literal meaning of hippotherapy is “treatment with the help of a horse”. You’d be using the therapeutic benefits of horses and their movement to help human patients to overcome speech, physical, or mental health disorders.

Experience with and love of horses isn’t enough, unfortunately. You’ll need to qualify and become licensed as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or a speech or language therapist before you can specialise in this field.

Professional Bridesmaid

Not a wedding planner or celebrant, but still a major part of a couple’s big day. A Professional Bridesmaid is more like a friend for hire – think organiser, confidant, and non-complaining member of the wedding party. If you get along well with people and want to help a bride’s wedding day run smoothly, then this could seriously be a job to consider.

Read more about the job here and here.

Water Slide Tester

Water Slide Testers check to see if the water slides in resorts, theme parks, and hotels are both fun and safe. Imagine how fantastic it would be turning up to work every single day…actually, you don’t have to imagine – you can see what a day in the life of a Water Slide Tester involves in this video.

Odour Judges

Odour Judges are hired by manufacturers of all kinds of products to test out their aroma before they hit the market. Essentially, you’d be sniff testing products to check if they smell good (or not). It’s not just limited to perfumes either – think things like cleaning products, cosmetics, pre-packaged food, and toys.

You might even help a brand establish their own signature scent, which is exactly what twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm do with their firm 12.29.

Face Feeler

Face feelers are also known as “sensory scientists”, which definitely sounds much more professional. In this job, you’d be using your hands to feel product testers’ skin both before and after they’ve used lotions, creams, and other products, then report back on the differences. You’ll just need to be comfortable getting (very) close to other people.

Line Stander

Are you incredibly patient, or just enjoy people watching? If you don’t mind being out in the elements, you could make a bit of extra cash as a line stander. This job is basically just like it sounds – you’ll be holding a spot in line for someone else who can’t (or doesn’t want to) do it themselves. You might be waiting for the release of movie, concert, or sporting tickets, the newest iPhone or games console, or even in line at the dreaded Black Friday sales.

There are even websites available for booking these services if you want to sign up and get started ASAP.

Bed Tester

A temporary job usually, but one that’s surprisingly not competitive, is a professional bed tester. Bedding manufacturers, bed designers, and luxury hotels are just some of the clients who might require your services. You could be paid to test out comfort levels, sleep quality, room conditions, and other factors.

If this sounds like your dream career (pun intended), you can find out more about what a job as a professional sleeper involves here.

Pet Food Taster

Pet food is a multi-million-dollar industry, so it should come as no surprise then that it’s taken very seriously. It’s not just pets that are picky about what they eat – their owners can be very particular about the ingredients, health benefits, and smell of the food they’re feeding to their beloved pets.

You’ll have to assess products on packaging, smell, nutritional value, and – yes – the texture and taste as well. All in a day’s work, right? Take a look at what the job involves in this video.

Worm Picker

Worm pickers work in the great outdoors “hunting” and collecting earth worms. You could sell the worms directly to fishermen to use as bait, be contracted by commercial fishing companies, or work for educational institutions that use worms for teaching and research purposes.

No qualifications are required, but if you’re paid per thousand worms collected, then you’ll definitely need lots of commitment (and a firm grip) if you’d like to make a living from this job.

Gross Stunt Tester

Love shows like I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or Survivor? If you’ve ever watched the challenges taking place and thought “I could do that” – you might have a future as a gross stunt tester.

It would be your responsibility to ensure tasks are safe and contain the maximum “grossness” factor. On the plus side, you could earn up to $800 a day…and you have to wonder if there’s really much competition for jobs.

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