11 Career Podcasts you need to know about

Love listening to podcasts? We’ve pulled together 11 fantastic career-related podcasts to fill up your playlist. These podcasts cover a huge range of topics, from supporting parents to working with neurodiverse learners, and you’ll find more career stories than you’ll ever be able to listen to.


Course and Career Chat – Roadmap Education
Kimberley talks to current students as well as academics about a whole range of different careers.

Game Changers – a School for tomorrow
Conversations with innovators across the schooling and education sector.

The Lost Button – Purposeful
Elizabeth from Purposeful talks about some of the challenges young people face with youth guests.
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My Career Story – The Branding Man
Over 100 different career conversations.
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The Squiggly Careers Podcast – Amazing If
Tips and ideas for being your best at work.

Curious Entrepreneur Podcast – Inspire 2 Ignite CIC
They talk about entrepreneurial mindsets and how these can be fostered in the education system.
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Early Careers Podcast – Jack and Ollie
Ideas and insights about managing early careers.
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The Parent Perspective Podcast – Amazing Apprenticeships
Supports parents to feel informed and confident when supporting and talking about careers with their children.

The Imperfects Podcast – The Resilience Project
They speak with a range of people who share their imperfections and insights into turning negatives into positives.

Square Peg Round Whole Podcast
They discuss diversity and supporting neurodivergent kids – not just career-related, but there are some good insights for working with neurodivergent youth.

Strivin & Thrivin Podcast
They talk about career development and speak with people from a range of industries.
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